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Customer Submissions

Our customers' creativity is second to none, check out what they have been building!

The "Half Sleeping Bag"

"Half-Sleeping-Bag" for my nephew, who is hopefully headed to Patagonia to climb. If you are carrying a big puffy down coat anyway, you can sleep in your coat and this half bag, and save carrying a full sleeping bag. No, I don't make them to sell. - Heather Antonacci

DIY Down Sleeping bag for a Climber's trip to Patagonia
DIY Down sleeping bag for a Climber who will be using this in Patagonia


"To determine how wide I wanted each baffle we went off this guide Https://

I offset my two pieces by having my inner pieces measure 4 inches ish between each baffle and my outer 5 inches.  Silver sharpie was amazing for the dark blue and helped since I made lines for where I wanted my baffles to be.  The hardest part was getting the first two sewn in.  After that it felt pretty straightforward. I just cut out the bottoms of each of the down bad and inserted that in and opened the ‘sealed’ in to manual push the down through.  I was sad because I hated wasted such good bags (we’ll seal them back later). But I found that the easiest way to add the down.  This was so much easier than I thought. Really, it just took time and I personally feel like it was worth it completely.“  - Emie McGee

Do it yourself Underquilt made by a Loose Goose Down Supply Customer

30* Top Quilt

"This is my second top quilt, designed to work at 30°F. 1.0HyperD purchased from ripstopbytheroll was used for the shell. In addition, a draft tube has been added to the bottom to cope with the sudden drop in temperature to some extent. The baffle height was 1 "and the target loft was 2.5", which required 13.3 oz of 850FP HypderDry down. Once the down was filled and the quilt was shaken, the 850FP grew brilliantly and the final loft was around 2.75". I think the height of the baffle was a little low, but I can't wait to do a field test!" - Jiro  ちゃんじろ

This is a DIY backpacking quilt made by "Hangedman Hammocks" in Japan. Jiro used nearly 1lb of down in this project!
Enlightened Equipment DIY Quilt by Jiro
DIY Down quilt made by a customer in Japan.
This is a DIY camping quilt made by "Hangedman Hammocks" in Japan. Jiro used nearly 1lb of down in this project!
This is a DIY hiking quilt made by "Hangedman Hammocks" in Japan. Jiro used nearly 1lb of down in this project!

1000 FP Ultralight Vest

Bradford Kraetzer took a Green Pepper pattern, made a few modifications and then added some 1000 FP to create this beauty. 

This is a DIY Ultralight Vest made with 1000 FP Down
Brandon bought the down for this ultralight vest from loose goose down supply

Differential Cut Top Quilt

Ryan Lunge created quite possibly one of the prettiest quilts we have seen from a DIY creator. This quilt looks very similar to those made by Katabatic Gear. We thought it was their "Alsek" at first glance but were super excited to discover it was made by a fellow DIY enthusiast. Ryan is also making an instructional YouTube series on how to make this quilt and we will update the post to include the link when he is finished. Here is what Ryan said about his build. 

"The light blue snaps on the bottom mate to the other side of the bag to close it tighter into sleeping bag configuration  bag. They also correspond to mating snaps on a pair of grosgrain/elastic pad straps. On the inner vertical draft tube I also added a second set of snaps to hold the draft tube down to the straps. Both of the connections slide along the pad strap so you can really adjust the width of the quilt underneath you."

Ryan's DIY Backpacking / Camping Quilt made from goose down
Pictured is Ryan's DIY Differential Cut quilt with a draft collar.
A differntial cut quilt that features a draft collar on the top and sides.
A goose down diy sleeping quilt with pad attachment points

Top Quilt / Under Quilt

Michael Took 850 Fill Hyper Dry down and created not only a top quilt, but also an under quilt for his hammock. Great work Michael!


What have you built with your down? If you would like to be featured on our website, please, email us so we can get your work published here!

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