1000 FP HyperDRY Grey Goose Down

1000 FP HyperDRY Grey Goose Down

1000 FP is the highest fill power (FP) rating possible, which leads to the lightest quilts imaginable. It is ultra rare, and comes in very limited quantities, so we are super excited to offer it here at Loose Goose. To our knowledge, we are the only retail store offering down with a fill power this high. 


This down should be used if you are looking to make a high performance quilt or sleeping bag that is even lighter than the ultralight offerings from most gear manufacturers. Coupled with ultralight fabrics such as 0.57 oz ripstop nylon, your handmade creation will be the hottest thing at camp.


To guarantee the performance of this down, we are only offering the water resistant "HyperDRY" option to ensure the down maintains its loft in the dampest conditions, and are working with Trailheadz Hammocks & Accessories for field testing in their quilt prototypes. We also recommend following the correct storage guidelines for down insulated products to ensure the longevity of your finished product. 


Like all the down we offer, this down is Responsibly sourced and is BlueSign® Certified. For more information about these accolades please visit our resources page. 


  • RDS Certified Responsible Down
  • Fluorocarbon Free Water Resistant Treatment
  • Tests over 80% longer than other water resistant (WR) down on the market industry standard DWR Shake Test.
  • Tested for PFOA and PFOS
  • Hypo-Allergenic


Sold in the following increments:

Grey Goose Down

4 oz ($84.99)

8 oz ($154.99)

1 lb ($299.99)


    Ratings and Reviews


    Eric Yoast

    Fast delivery. Packed to weight. thank you. will send pictures of the gear I make when I complete it.



    850 down worked great in my top quilt. Nice and warm.



    Down arrived much quicker than expected, even over Christmas break. Also cheapest place I could find if ordering a pound or more. Got exactly what I asked for and more than I paid for 😀



    This down is great! Shipped quickly too. The team there is awesome, communicative and helpful. Will be back for more down later!



    I just purchased 5 ounces of grey 850fp down to overstuff my sleeping bag. I am very happy with the quality and price. It arrived extremely fast! it shipped within 24 hours of ordering and was on my door step in days. At first I was going to order from somewhere else because I have never heard of loose goose down but glad I ordered here. I will be purchasing more for other pronjects....next time I will try the 950fp.



    Ordered 18oz of 900FP down (might as well do it right, right?) for a 3/4 length under quilt for the Ouachita trail next month, with enough left to make a top quilt later this year. Not kidding - my down arrived at my door THREE DAYS later. These guys are on it! The down is gorgeous and wonderfully packaged. I can’t wait to get started! I’ll recommend this company to anyone looking for good quality down at great prices.


    Michael Garrison

    Couldn't be happier with the service and product that I received. The 850fp was the best cost vs benefit (in my opinion) My topquilt and underquilt are better than I anticipated.


    Jan Voss

    Great Quality. Received quickly. Would definitely use again! Love the DIY site!


    Tim V

    Got my down way sooner than I could finish my project. So soon, in fact, that both the down and project materials arrived on the same day! Thanks for the ultra-quick shipping, Nathan! The hand-written thank-you really makes me feel like the only customer, even though I know I'm not, and that's where you rise above the rest. Keep it up!


    Robert Voorhees

    Received my pound of 850FP down quickly. Was packed into 1/2# bundles. Nice touch that anti stat bags were used, because that kept the loose feathers from flying around as much!!!!


    Jiro yamanaka

    I used 13.5oz for the top quilt for 3 seasons.
    There is no smell peculiar to down, but rather a good smell like a softener.
    The down ball was big and no feather was found.
    Almost everything was a perfect ball with no down pieces.
    The size of the shell and the filling amount of the down were determined with reference to the EE quilt, but the loft came out more than the calculation. The target loft was 2 ', but the result was 2.5'.
    The down hasn't fully swelled yet, so I'll extend it for a few days and observe it further.
    I think both price and down are great!
    Next time I need to go down, I want to buy 900FP too!