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1000 FP HyperDRY Grey Goose Down

1000 FP HyperDRY Grey Goose Down

1000 FP is the highest fill power (FP) rating possible, which leads to the lightest quilts imaginable. It is ultra rare, and comes in very limited quantities, so we are super excited to offer it here at Loose Goose. To our knowledge, we are the only retail store offering down with a fill power this high. 


This down should be used if you are looking to make a high performance quilt or sleeping bag that is even lighter than the ultralight offerings from most gear manufacturers. Coupled with ultralight fabrics such as 0.57 oz ripstop nylon, your handmade creation will be the hottest thing at camp.


To guarantee the performance of this down, we are only offering the water resistant "HyperDRY" option to ensure the down maintains its loft in the dampest conditions, and are working with Trailheadz Hammocks & Accessories for field testing in their quilt prototypes. We also recommend following the correct storage guidelines for down insulated products to ensure the longevity of your finished product. 


Like all the down we offer, this down is Responsibly sourced and is BlueSign® Certified. For more information about these accolades please visit our resources page. 


  • RDS Certified Responsible Down
  • Fluorocarbon Free Water Resistant Treatment
  • Tests over 80% longer than other water resistant (WR) down on the market industry standard DWR Shake Test.
  • Tested for PFOA and PFOS
  • Hypo-Allergenic


Sold in the following increments:

Grey Goose Down

4 oz ($84.99)

8 oz ($154.99)

1 lb ($299.99)

    $299.99 Regular Price
    $239.99Sale Price

    Ratings and Reviews

    Kristin Schoonveld

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    I ordered 1 lb of 900 HD down and was extremely happy with the product, the price and the quick delivery. Very happy to support a small business trying to pass on savings and provide an excellent product to the diy crowd. I just finished my down backpacking quilt, heavily inspired by Katabatic Gear’s Flex 22. Really happy with how it came out! Thanks Loose Goose!

    Steven H

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Amazing goose down and service.


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Great product !!

    David O'Connor

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    This was my first project involving goose down (or down at all). This 900 fp grey goose down was high quality, came packaged well, and worked well for my sleeping bag build. No feathers or quills but only down. For the quality (fill power amd 100% down) and the cost this is a very good value.

    Alexander Bennett

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Great down, exactly as ordered, arrived promptly. Used for light weight double quilt to replace 2 sleeping bags* - along with no zips and very light weight material this fully baffled quilt has halved our warm cover weight. Very warm 5cm of loft, good for subzero temperatures. *High quality sleeping bags but the 850 down is higher quality along with the quilt being self-sewn means the quilt is less than half the price of the sleeping bags.

    K Evans

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    I love this company !!! The down is always clean, light and fluffy. Packages arrive quickly and they go out of their way to make sure it's exactly what you want. I've ordered before and will likely order again.


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    I've ordered down from several sources over the past couple years. Not only is your price the best I've found, but the quality is noticeably better. other suppliers seems poorly sorted, very clumpy with much more feathers. Thank you for what you do.


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Quick and friendly service, down plug acquired👍

    Todd Hepp

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Excellent service and value. I successfully fortified a 70's Frostline Kit parka with an additional 9 oz. of 850 FP HyperDry-white goose down. The parka is now puffed out with great loft. Will be using in Antarctica.

    Keaton Boehner

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Just finished stuffing my ultralight hammock under-quilt and love how it turned out. I bought the 900 FP down 8 oz option and the loft is amazing. It even had 0.5 more oz than listed! Thanks Loose Goose!


    average rating is 1 out of 5

    Not interested in purchasing ur products again.


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Great looking down! I've done several quilt projects and this is on par with the best down that I've used. Quick shipping. Love it. Thanks guys!


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Tore a small hole in a nice, lightweight down jacket and lost down from a section. Very happy with the quality and amount of down I received. (didn’t know how much 850 down was in an ounce). I’m going to stuff a bit of down back in through the rip and seal 5he hole with tenacious tape. $10 of down to save a $300 down jacket! Very happy!


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    It's easy and fun to make ethical down pillows with precision squishiness. Loved working with this company.


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Excellent 900 fp down. Easy to order and quick delivery. I appreciated directions for care before using it my project.

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